Housing - Mortgage Lending

Lending institutions must report all loans for home purchases, home improvements, and mortgage refinancing based on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) of 1975. This indicator displays information derived from the 2014 HMDA loan-level data files.
Report Area Total Population
Number of Home Loans Originated Loans Originations,
Approval Rate
Loan Originations, Rate per 100,000 Population
Franklin County, PA 149,618 2,900 53.18% 193.83
Pennsylvania 12,702,379 220,260 52.45% 173.4
United States 312,470,869 5,959,108 51.57% 190.71
Note: This Indicator is compared with the state average. Green - Better than state average, Red - Worse than state average.
Data Source: Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act . Additional data analysis by CARES, 2014.

Home Purchase Loan Originations by Loan Type
This indicator reports the total number of home purchase loan originations by loan type. Types reported in the HMDA flat files include: Loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA loans); Loans insured by the Veterans Administration (VA loans); Farm Service Agency / Rural Housing Service loans (FHS/RHS); and Conventional loans (any loan other than FHA, VA, FSA, or RHS).
Report Area Total Conventional Loans Total FHA Loans Total VA Loans Total FSA/RHA Loans
Franklin County, PA 2,138 278 224 260
Pennsylvania 176,792 27,660 10,555 5,253
United States 4,544,119 787,974 491,987 135,028
Home Purchase Loan Originations by Loan Amount
This indicator reports the total number and percentage of home purchase loan originations, grouped by loan amount.
Report Area Under $60,000 Under $60,000 $60,000 - $119,999 $60,000 - $119,999 $120,000 - $199,999 $120,000 - $199,999 $200,000 or More $200,000 or More
Franklin County, PA 68 4.97% 371 27.14% 645 47.18% 283 20.7%
Pennsylvania 8,671 7.95% 26,979 24.74% 35,392 32.45% 38,019 34.86%
United States 203,473 6.28% 618,748 19.1% 966,072 29.82% 1,451,453 44.8%
Home Purchase Loan Originations by Race/Ethnicity
This indicator reports the total number and percentage of home purchase loan originations, grouped by the primary applicant's race and ethnicity. Co-applicant race and ethnicity is not considered.
Report Area Non-Hispanic White Non-Hispanic White Non-Hispanic Black Non-Hispanic Black Non-Hispanic Other Non-Hispanic Other Hispanic or Latino Hispanic or Latino
Franklin County, PA 1,189 94.97% 14 1.12% 12 0.96% 35 2.8%
Pennsylvania 86,432 87.65% 3,920 3.98% 4,367 4.43% 3,630 3.68%
United States 2,250,318 77.28% 155,681 5.35% 204,727 7.03% 289,036 9.93%
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Housing - Mortgage Lending

Data Background

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requires lending institutions to make annual public disclosures of their home mortgage and home improvement lending activity. Disclosures are publicly available not only at the institutions' own offices, and also online through the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council website. Available HMDA data includes national and local aggregate reports, as well as loan-level data files from the universe of eligible depository and nondepository lending institutions nationwide. The HMDA loan-level flat files for 2014 consist of nearly 12 million records which contain quantitative and descriptive information about each loan and loan applicant, including the purpose of the loan and the action taken by the lending agency. More information is available through the FFEIC's Home Mortgage Disclosure Act web page.

Courtesy: Community Commons, <www.communitycommons.org>, December 2017