Behavioral Health

Healthy Franklin County Behavioral Health Task Force

Healthy Franklin County Behavioral Health Task is composed of key community leaders from the education, health, faith, business, nonprofit, and local government sectors. Our goal is to create and support healthy behaviors and lifestyles through education, awareness, programming, and access to services. These key leaders continue to identify value in identifying and strengthening efforts to address health and health care needs from a collective perspective. Priorities identified: Health Equity/Social Determinants; Access to Care; Physical Activity, Nutrition and Weight Status; Behavioral Health; Early Childhood Education; and Adolescent Health.

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Healthy Franklin County behavioral Health Task Force

Co-led by Franklin County Government and Keystone Behavioral Health to help prevent suicides, decrease major depressive episodes for adults and adolescents aged 12-17 and to reduce substances misuse to prevent overdoses and deaths.

For more information contact:

Kelly Goshen, Keystone Behavioral Health at 

Lori Young, Franklin-Fulton MH/ID/ EI ID at

2020 meeting minutes


2018 meeting minutes

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Meeting Dates

Keystone Behavioral Health, 110 Chambers Hill Drive, in Chambersburg, 3:00pm - 4:30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Suicide Prevention Coalition - The purpose of this workgroup is to focus on eliminating suicides within Franklin County, by increasing awareness of suicide as preventable and adolescent mental health concerns as treatable. The Workgroup is establishing a Zero Suicide Prevention community initiative focusing on increasing the availability of mental health resources and eliminating suicides within Franklin County.

Meeting Dates Mental Health Association at 478 Grant Street in Chambersburg, 2:30pm - 4:00pm

  • 3rd Monday of each month

Depression/Adolescent Depression Work Group - This workgroup is specifically focused on those priorities that address depression. This year the group is bringing awareness to available resources and resourcing local training opportunities for professionals, the public and recipients of services. The group is also incubating an additional workgroup focused on formulating a plan to address adolescent depression. Meeting dates TBD.

Community Initiatives - behavioral Health

Mental Health Association for the QPR Gatekeeper Training. A Summit Foundation grant used to make training available to seven hundred community members. They will learn to identify the warning signs of suicide, understand the underlying problems that lead people to choose suicide as a solution, learn intervention techniques, and how to make appropriate referrals. Keystone Health for the Behavioral Health Mentoring Program. A Summit Foundation grant used to decrease the no-show and appointment cancellation rates, as well as assign a mentor who will assist with any roadblocks to attending appointments while providing mental health support, assistance with transportation resources, insurance, and other issues impeding appointment attendance Healthy Communities Partnership for the Go Girls Go, Student Assistance Program, and Chambersburg Cares programs. A Summit Foundation grant used to increase mental health and wellness by bringing girls together for pro-social bonding, mentoring, and education through health and fitness. It also aims to keep girls participating in organized sporting activities and interested in fitness activities, which will significantly affect the incidence of depressive disorders. Mental Health Association for Wellness Awareness. A Summit Foundation grant used to increase awareness of suicide as preventable and adolescent mental health concerns as treatable. It also aims to decrease the number and rate of suicides in Franklin County, and to increase connection to appropriate mental health resources. Training Opportunities