Early Childhood Education

Hope From the Start

Hope From the Start, a task force which formed in 2018 to focus on early childhood education, is composed of key community leaders from the education, health, faith, business, nonprofit, and local government sectors. Our goal is to create and support healthy behaviors and lifestyles through education, awareness, programming, and access to services. These key leaders continue to identify value in identifying and strengthening efforts to address health and health care needs from a collective perspective. Priorities identified: Access to Health Care, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Mental Health, Substance Use and Prevention; Early Childhood Education; and Adolescent Health.

Early Childhood Education

Hope From the Start is a collaboartive which works to increase the proportion of children who are ready for schools in all five domains of healthy development: physical development, social-emotional development, approaches to learning, language, and cognitive development. The task force is co-led by Franklin County Head Start and Franklin County Government. In addition to the Hope From the Start task force, The Early Childhood Partnership is a group of providers that meets monthly to discuss issues facing early childhood providers as well as share resources and knowledge. 

For more information contact:

Hope From the Start:

Franklin County Head Start, Annette Searfoss at asearfoss@fchsweb.org or call 717-263-8019 

Franklin County Government, Stacie Horvath at smhorvath@franklincountypa.gov or call 717-264-4125

Early Childhood Partnership:

United Way of Franklin County, Amy Hicks at office@uwfcpa.org or 717-262-0015

hope from the start

2019 meeting minutes

2018 meeting minutes

early childhood partnership

2018 meeting minutes

2017 meeting minutes

2018 meetings

United Way of Franklin County, 11am

  • 3rd Monday of the month

Early Learning coaltion

2017 meeting minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Dates

Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, 8:00am

  • 1st Friday of the month