Food Resources Nutrition Map To Help Those Looking For Assistance in Franklin County

Interactive map provides resources and insights to food insecurities in Franklin County.

An interactive food nutrition map is now available to assist the public and service agencies who are looking for food resources in Franklin County.
The Healthy Franklin County Nutrition Task Force and Franklin County Government created the GIS map to help residents in need of food resources. Over 17,000 Franklin County residents are food insecure. Food insecurity refers to the lack of available financial resources for food at the household level. In addition to food insecurity being an issue in Franklin County, adequate fruit and vegetable consumption is too. According to the 2018-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, 97% (116,400) of Franklin County adults over the age of 18 eat less than the recommended 5 servings a day. Food insecurity and poor eating habits are determinants of future health issues.
The idea of creating a map was born out of the food insecurity work group, a sub-committee of the Healthy Franklin County Nutrition Task Force. The group wanted to create an inventory of existing food resources in the community. Franklin County Government offered to map the resources to help visualize resource gaps in the community. The map is broken in six separate maps, each focusing on a food resource including emergency food providers, (school) backpack programs, lunch assistance programs, community gardens, local markets, and a list of over 100 locations that accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The SNAP acceptance map breaks out the locations by gas stations/convenience stores, discount stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, local market, ethnic grocery, discount department stores, farmers markets, and warehouse clubs and supercenters. There is also one map with includes all the food resources together.
Food insecurity can have wide, adverse impacts on everyone’s health depending on their circumstances. The food resources nutrition map is a tool to help educate the community about food resources. To solve the issue of food insecurity, communities are working together to address root causes, such as poverty, underemployment/unemployment and increasing access to healthy foods.
If you’re organization is interested in promoting the map, please include a link on your website or download outreach materials from the “Resources” tab on the map.


Contact Noel Purdy, Healthy Franklin County, Project Manager at 717-267-4877 for more information.