Households with No Motor Vehicle

This indicator reports the number and percentage of households with no motor vehicle based on the latest 5-year American Community Survey estimates.
Report Area Total Occupied Households Households with No Motor Vehicle Percentage of Households with No Motor Vehicle
Franklin County, PA 58,570 3,167 5.41%
Pennsylvania 4,958,859 566,215 11.42%
United States 116,926,305 10,628,474 9.09%
Note: This Indicator is compared with the state average. Green - Better than state average, Red - Worse than state average.
Data Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey. 2011-2015. Source geography: Tract

Households with No Motor Vehicle by Tenure
Report Area Owner-Occupied Households with No Vehicle Percentage of Owner-Occupied Households with No Vehicle Renter-Occupied Households with No Vehicle Percentage of Renter-Occupied Households with No Vehicle
Franklin County, PA 1,139 2.71% 2,028 4.83%
Pennsylvania 166,625 4.86% 399,590 11.64%
United States 2,498,250 3.34% 8,130,224 10.88%
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Households with No Motor Vehicle

Data Background

The American Community Survey (ACS) is a nationwide, continuous survey designed to provide communities with reliable and timely demographic, housing, social, and economic data. The ACS samples nearly 3 million addresses each year, resulting in nearly 2 million final interviews. The ACS replaces the long-form decennial census; however, the number of household surveys reported annually for the ACS is significantly less than the number reported in the long-form decennial census. As a result, the ACS combines detailed population and housing data from multiple years to produce reliable estimates for small counties, neighborhoods, and other local areas. Negotiating between timeliness and accuracy, the ACS annually releases current, one-year estimates for geographic areas with large populations; three-year and five-year estimates are also released each year for additional areas based on minimum population thresholds. .

Citation: U.S. Census Bureau: A Compass for Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data (2008).

For more information about this source, including data collection methodology and definitions, refer to the American Community Survey website.


Counts of housing units are acquired from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Data represent estimates for the 5 year period 2010-2015. Mapped data are summarized to 2010 census tract boundaries. The data on vehicles available were obtained from Housing Question 12 in the 2015 American Community Survey (ACS) . The question was asked at occupied housing units. These data show the number of passenger cars, vans, and pickup or panel trucks of one-ton capacity or less kept at home and available for the use of household members. Vehicles rented or leased for one month or more, company vehicles, and police and government vehicles are included if kept at home and used for non-business purposes. Dismantled or immobile vehicles are excluded. Vehicles kept at home but used only for business purposes also are excluded. For more information on the data reported in the American Community Survey, please see the complete American Community Survey 2015 Subject Definitions.

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