National Nutrition Month

How You Can Start Eating Healthier

Contributed by Brandi Fitch


March is National Nutrition Month and as difficult as it can be to focus on eating healthy with the stress of the pandemic, addressing any unhealthy eating habits can help you slowly start to feel better overall. The way you eat can affect your mood, sleep, and stress levels. Taking small steps towards eating better and “personalizing your plate” can get you on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child

Contributed by Brandi Fitch

Do you have a child who hates eating vegetables? Is it a constant struggle to get them to eat healthy? Don’t stress because you’re not alone! There are many tips and “how to’s” that exist about how to address these concerns. With so many suggestions in the world, how do you choose which tips to try? The decision is up to you, as every family (and child) is different, and some exercises may work better for your child than others. The most important thing to remember? Start with small changes!


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